About Me

Love Courage Strength… Hope…

Hi There!  My name is Annie,

026I am a busy mother of 2 handsome men Brandon and James, and GrAnnie to a beautiful young granddaughter Ava and handsome young grandson Brandon Jr.

I live in Castro Valley, California where I grew up…we live in a nice home with my wonderful loving boyfriend Steve and his gorgeous daughter Jillian.  We share my feisty pussy named Sugar along with our German cell 3.30.16 023Shepard Gus whom I found on Rescueme.org in February 2016 and impulsively drove to southern california on Superbowl Sunday to pick him up, it took 11 hours total to make our destination and we are all so very thankful every day we have him.

I come from a very large family.  I am the middle child…yes I have middle child syndrome LOL.

il_fullxfull.248327188I live life day by day doing what I love…and loving what I do.

Each year during the salmon season when our family owned shop Little Rays Tackle Box  located in Klamath, Ca opens for the season which is typically during the week of July 4th I design and sell apparel.  Also on a smaller scale I bring out the creative side of me by Fiber crafting clothing, accessories for my Etsy Shop ChewsyByDesign and design Crochet Patterns for my second Etsy Shop AChewsy1 on the side.033

When I am free, which is not often…my fondest days are spending time with my family and loved ones in my happy place on the Klamath River in upper Northern California fishing for Salmon and Steelhead.  I also love Photography, writing, blogging, traveling the local trails hiking or on our bikes, having a lazy Sunday afternoon making homemade chicken soup while sipping a glass of wine, or hanging out with my Mr. Gus who is nothing short of a small horse and a hand full of energy!

When you visit me here again on my blog,  you will find me sharing my ongoing battle as a survivor of late stage Breast Cancer020, happy and sad thoughts and Moments…daily Challenges and TRIUMPHS in my life and our families lives and somewhere in between with those beautifully enlightened moments of clarity when something fantastic has come to mind or is about to happen.  Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by!

May God bring you happiness and health in your days ahead.

Annie Chew – ChewsyByDesign
March 2016cell 4.26.16 059


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